Half Term Kids Entertainment

Half Term Kids Entertainment
Whether you feel like it was only just Christmas or if the weeks have dragged by, hopefully you are looking forward to half term! If you are in need of some half term kids entertainment, then look no further. We have RAF and Red Arrows themed kids toys and games to make the rainiest half term afternoon fly by. There are toys to let your kids’ creativity shine, as well as games to get them thinking.

Why not start with an Airfix QUICKBUILD model?

Airfix RAF models

We have an exciting range of simple, snap-together models suitable as an introduction to modelling for kids aged 5 and over, or as a bit of construction fun for the more experienced modeller. The pre-coloured pieces simply push together, without glue or paints, to build an impressive model which can then be decorated with the included self-adhesive stickers and shown off on its own display stand.

Build-it Airplane Book

RAF build your own
Another one for model fans - build your very own model of a Beechcraft Staggerwing bi-plane. The bright red model is easy to construct without scissors or glue, or making a mess (although we make no promises on the latter point!). The pieces are simply pressed out of boards, and then slotted together. The pack also includes a 16-page book filled with cool aviation facts, a fun quiz and stunning imagery of the Beechcraft Staggerwing plane.

RAF Kids Toys

RAF Gliders

For more RAF kids toys, how about a foam glider? They are made from light, but sturdy, EVA foam, slot together quickly and easily, and they can be launched from the supplied catapult. Fantastic half term kids entertainment for any age.

Colour-in splat t-shirt

RAF Colour-in t-shire

For budding artists, our RAF colour-in splat t-shirt is perfect. The picture features iconic RAF aircraft and the Red Arrows flying in formation. Simply colour in the t-shirt, wear it, wash it and start again. The t-shirt comes with a set of 10 non-toxic, washable pens. 

Red Arrows Game

Red Arrows Game

What would half term be without arguments over who went first, who cheated and who won? A lot quieter, that’s for sure! We can’t guarantee peaceful playing, but our Red Arrows boxed metal games tin is certain to keep everyone entertained. It features a printed diamond nine formation logo on the front and includes magnetic playing pieces and boards for chess, draughts, noughts and crosses, and snakes and ladders. Now you just need to decide who goes first!   
For more half term kids entertainment ideas with an RAF or Red Arrows theme, check out the full range here.
All profits go to supporting the work of the RAF Association, helping members of the RAF community in need.